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Determining How Much Sod You Need

To calculate the square footage of sod you need for a project you should first divide the project areas into squares and rectangles.  Measure length times width of those areas then add them together for the total amount of sod needed for your project. 

NOTE: It is very important that you order approximately 5% - 10% extra turf for filing odd spaces and to cover the inaccuracy of measurements. Be sure and check your measurements carefully. We can always cut more if you don't have enough but we do not accept returns.

Once you have your figures, Get A Quote. You'll be able to enter your calculations for the sod needed and ask any questions at that time.

How do I determine how much grass I need?

Determine the areas that you want to lay grass. Measure length X width of these areas. This will give you your total square footage. Divide that number by 9 and that will give you your total square yardage needed. Add 5-10% for irregular areas and for trimming.

How much area does 1 pallet cover?

Each pallet is 50 square yards or 450 sq.ft.

How much grass will you deliver?

We like to deliver 2 pallets at a time. However, if we are in your area we can deliver 1 pallet. We can deliver up to 20 pallets at a time.

How much do you charge for delivery?

That depends on how much grass you need and where the grass needs to be delivered. These charges are very reasonable and they can be determined at the time you place your order.

How long can the grass sit on the pallet?

We advise you to plant the grass immediately. The longer it sits on that pallet the more stress you put on the grass. During the warm season you MUST plant immediately.

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